Saturday, September 23, 2017

"Production of time" altered can-woman

It's Aleksandra again with you today and I decided to make some more inspiration for you with Prima and Finnabair art supplies I had in my stash. I made an altered can-woman. I wanted to symbolize the time passing by from the old times to the new, modern times. I used paintbrush for the head of the woman as one of the oldest "inventions" and I made a can-woman out of it to symbolize the process of robotizing in modern age. I named my project as it fits - Production of time. She is holding a pen in one hand and a newspaper in other hand, again symbolizing old times with writing and modern times with mass printing. 

Hope you'll like my girl as much as I do. I also have today for you a video tutorial on my youtube channel so you can play a bit and make one of your own. All the supplies used in making that are available in 7 kids crafting supply store are linked bellow the photos.

You can find products I used in 7 kids crafting supply store:

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