Thursday, October 19, 2017

Altered Frame

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I am pulling gift ideas together for you and your new wishlist!
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I love the gorjuss girls round postcards, they are so rich in color and slight glitter in person!  I decided  to get a floating frame and put them on my wall as decoration, also a great GIFT idea for you!
Of course I cannot leave the frame blank I had to alter it with Finnabair products and any junk I could find.

This was very easy to create. Gather your metals, charms, cardboard, beads, Finnabair art basics black gesso, Finnabair rust effects paste, Prima Art Alchemy Turquoise Satin Wax, and Frank Garcia Memory Hardware Trianon Patina Artisian Powder. 

If you like you can use your own colors.  Glue on all your trinkets and fill in the frame as much as you want.  Paint Black Gesso onto the entire frame and let it dry.  Then go over it with the rust paste colors lightly brushing here and there.

Then apply the Artisian powder anywhere you like to give it the blue-green patina look.  After that finish with highlighting the objects with the wax.  You can go over all this several times until you are happy.

I just dabbed the paints, powder and wax around with small paint brushes and my finger.  Sometimes when I would go back over the objects it gave a different color.  When the frame is all dry I glued on my trinkets or charms that I did not want painted so it made a contrast.

Then I cleaned up the glass, put the 3 post cards into the frame, and broke the corner, lol  Oh well stuff happens, still looks great! lol
Sorry for the glare on the glass.

I hope you try this and make a gift for someone in your family or yourself.  It is easy and will take some time to complete. Very fun and unique frame that no one else will have.

Every day the design team posts the most beautiful creations for your pleasure, we hope you are inspired and join us in sharing your amazing creations!

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Wishing you all a fabulous day!


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